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It is often the case that some of the games, regardless of the quality of the gaming sense, become hits. That is, they play a lot and are constantly creating online communities dedicated to these products. Periodically, the public calls these products all in a row, but this can only be considered a hit that has stood the test of time. For example, many players still recognized worldwide hit game since platformers time - Super Mario. This game really was the main product of the gaming world for many years in a row. We can say that games online hits for the most part - it is the followers of the case of Mario. Simple platformer with a straightforward plot - rescue the princess from the clutches of the villain in a fantasy world - that's what the this game. Other games hits online too gained popularity. For example, Battle City game has become a fundamental trend, which now resulted in a new generation of hits - the tanks and the online world of tanks. Is there a hit game now? Hard to say. If you approach the interpretation of the term of the vocabulary - yes. Those products, which occupy the top positions in different ratings and are hit in the literal sense. Hit - it hit the projectile to the target. By - miss, hit - hit. So, if the game is like the gaming community - she hit. But on the other hand - it is a product that will be for the player to sort of timeless. In this understanding of the game today do not claim to hit, because they are not sufficiently long-lived. For example, current series - Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect - on the impact of the gaming community - one hundred percent hit, but will remember them after the release of the last part? We will be able to learn it in five years. But one hundred per cent hits include series of the game world, that come out, and to this day - Starcraft, Warcraft and Heroes. The network has the first images of beta-sixth of Heroes - and the company is waiting for them with pleasure. This means that they have become hits a long time ago. It is likely that for the first time can be a big hit called heroes during the release of the second part. The third part is made even more stunning effect - the game has become a classic, not only of the game world, but also a classic eSports. But free games hits - these are games that have been a long time and have no interest in modern businessmen. That is their own and you can play on this page of our website. Young people may say that they are primitive, but the judges will understand that these are the games that have been hits for a long time. Game hits - is the most famous and popular category of flash games. The most relevant and fun games for girls and games for boys - in this section of our site.

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