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Even 10 years ago it was thought that the strategy - a genre resource intensive. Therefore, players with slower computers, thought that the strategy is not so easy to run, with no top-end model of the computer. Now, things are a bit different. The fact that the gameplay strategy across our secondary computer is a resource-intensive, and most of the load by the host card, which must render an incredible set of graphical detail, the existence of which, however, has no bearing on the game. Modern strategies of the game is not too demanding. Moreover, that finding classic strategy with the ability to build a base and sending troops into battle is not so simple. The fact is that the online strategy game gradually absorb. For example, the last part of the Command & Conquer is not really a strategy. It's more of a strategy-RPG, because the player base is fully mobile. He can not build a strong capacity to develop and collecting resources. Base depends on the mobility of victory, so the player must not only move the base and a range of units, but also to choose between defensive and offensive tactics, choose only the third set of units. By the same. There is a strict limit on the unit. And it's not 250-300 units, and this 10-15. While the amount depends on the strength - the stronger the unit, the less they can be built. Besides, the game has no resources. The player can build any number of fighters within the limit, constantly filling losses. That is, resources in this game have the time and number of units. The choice of means and methods of attack is set, but the strategic options are limited. For example, selecting a protective base, you can build a few towers and weak defense tanks. With this set you will be able to move through the densely filled with enemy territory - taking tanks area, then summing the base there and collapsing defense. Strength of towers and base enough to hit the enemy counter-attack, but in the destruction of enemy forces from the base is not enough. Support base is easy to destroy enemy aircraft building, but a breakthrough is complicated. Attacking base - the most powerful unit in itself, it is easy to break through the defense forces and krushat enemy bases, but when dealing with analog you will be hard. A weak engineering base will leave you to burning debris. But you can easily download the strategy easier. They are made in a classic style, do not have graphical bells and whistles, but have their own charm. They are - what is meant by the term "play strategy" old players. On our site you can download free strategy is as simple as playing them online. For true fans manage and create - we offer game strategy. Try your hand at the new online games for boys. Also in this category are games for girls, having strategic thinking.

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