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The process of development of the child - a very specific thing. The fact is that there are two fronts of action: on the one hand on your baby is developing biological plan, on the other - the society and parents adjust to the desired development in their view direction. And often, these two lines of development come into opposition, causing a conflict. Of such a conflict arise installations complexes and psychological problems, so you should pay attention to proper educational influence. For example, if you choose educational games for kids online, you should pay attention not to the result that you want to get a result, and on a completely different setting, which is on the surface - the age of the child. The main problem is that many parents perceive the child as a small version of himself. But in fact it is a radically different body. That is, each of us in childhood is a few basic stages of development, as a result of which we become people. Whatever romance shouting, praising the sanctity of the child, and at least until the child is 10 years old - not a person biologically and structurally similar body. He has not formed many organs. His brain, and hence the mind, are in a completely different stage of development. People - the only kind in the world who do not complete the process of formation of the main functions of the body in the womb. This must be considered when you choose children educational games online free for your baby. Important knowledge for parents will be knowledge of stages of child development. Baby - the most difficult stage, where parents can easily make a mistake, so it would be better if the baby will be held during this period under the supervision of specialists. Only but a very important educational impact at this time - contact with the baby's mother. Its absence can seriously injure the child. During early childhood can begin to direct educational activities. But it is necessary to consider that in this period the child is not yet ready to accept an abstraction, so simple, even primitive games on motor skills and basic steps, performed in the style of a large pattern with bright colors - the maximum that can offer your child. But for pre-school children have to fit almost any developing online games for kids. But be sure to go to the game itself - because the developers are almost never the professional educators, so it may be that they made a mistake and made something out of place in the game. Skill and intelligence - all these educational games online. On our site you are waiting for the most unexpected development games for girls and games for girls. Developing games - it's interesting and useful. Free online games - for all!

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