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In today's game world is so prevalent different games. While so many options that the player can easily get lost. Ka also choose the game that suits you? Let's deal. First you need to understand the genre. If you came to the net to let off steam or feel superman - then you should choose shooters. Here you will immediately give tough character who is much stronger than the opponents that will allow him to kill them in batches. While on one level to be changed only weapon. True, be prepared for what is really cool weapons you popolzovatsya not - you get it up for a fight with the last boss. Do not like it? Want to do that zablagorazumitsya and gradually develop character? Want to quickly get to the coolest weapon and use it to slowly and gently to sadistically to deal with enemies who are helpless against you? Toga your choice - RPG, or role-playing game. Levels and skills, linear plot and a lot of scenarios - this is what awaits the player here. Not your scale, right? Given orders to the army, to go in the chair measures the big city? Then to bring you the game is different, but related to the same genre - strategy. It is worth paying attention to the full range of options, because the error of choice in this genre will be disappointed. If you like to play chess, but always dreamed of galloping horses and could improve, so you attack Mogi full set of figures on the King with a pair of pawns - then you in turn-based strategy. Here you can adjust each step, tactical thinking through moves and deciding on their own, how to destroy the enemy army. Want to quickly build a building and immediately attack the enemy troops - real time strategy game waiting for you. But be careful. When choosing such a strategy is better to start from a style of play. Ate you love to build an impenetrable defense, and only because of the walls of its base slowly grind the enemy, then why not choose a game in which the speaker is not too high, as there is an action-strategy, where the defense is your primary concern. But if the war is not yours, you love to make money and build cities and factories - then add the name of the genre one more word - economic strategy. There will have to think through every building, as your child requires constant injections. Not to go into the negative, should be extremely cautious. A lot of genres, so choose wisely. And on this page, a variety of online games appear before your eyes, to show their best side. Here you will find all sorts of games, a variety of flash-games that do not fit into any of the categories above.

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