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Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic - it's not just a game, but unknown, mysterious world of the camp. This world is full of ancient relics and mysteries. Start playing Runes of Magic and become a hero.


Rappelz - is a free game that unites all who want to pass neobykn

Cabal Online

Cabal game - a game that tells about the world Nevaret threatened by a great danger. Can only help him the most powerful and valiant heroes, who can cope with the forces of evil, overcome natural disasters and not falter before the chaos.


In the online game "Miss Bimbo" are goals that are to be achieved, and as much as possible to strive for it. As you perform tasks to achieve the objectives you will open new levels. This game is well thought out storyline will your glamorous fashionistas to incredible heights.

Ice Kings

Unique hockey manager "Ice Kings" presents you with the opportunity to become a star, a hockey coach in the world. Sea of ​​friendly matches, tournaments, cups and championships await you during this exciting season. Get rewarded, crowds of fans. Only need to register anything, and the team will be created.

War of Empires online

The new strategy of "War of Empires" offers the player to build his own world, his empire and then helping her develop under the weight of time and the many wars, to bring civilization to world domination. Introduce you to four of the empire, which at the time left a great mark on history - China, Persia, Egypt, Rome. Kozhdaya empire has its differences and bonuses: one owned elephants, other chariots, these gladiators, well, the last archer. By the way in addition to these empires there are other ethnic groups that occupy a secondary role in the game All battles take place in real time, which is certainly a rarity for browser games, especially as such! Mechanic is designed more for PVP (this is the battle for the capital, and robbery, and team battles against monsters and battles between opposing players), but the game has a lot of jobs and missions. The game has a different way of development: expansion, conquest or economic supremacy. As the you move into the new era, where you expect a new technology, the troops, and of course, adventure! Grow, extracted minerals, gather a huge army and pounce on enemies all your military might! The best online game of our time. Graphics simply enchant you!!

Lost Magic online

The free browser MMORPG. New world of Lost Magic, super game in which the struggle for power of silt and the Lost Magic, the struggle between humans and unknown creatures. The game takes place in an unknown until then mysterious world. In a world where people are used everywhere to use magic spells, even to make a cup of tea. But once inadvertently several rulers wizards cataclysm occurred and the magic was gone, though, and left traces in some characters and artifacts, once endowed with their great and powerful magicians. Split the world and the world has become a mirror of our world in real time. Brahma appeared rushed through the people in the WORLD. Balance of the world has been violated. And the elves, humans, dragons and many other creatures come in a bitter battle for the crumbs of magical energy In this fantasy universe, which are alien to the boredom and routine, so bored in a past life, you have to go through an exciting adventure, enjoy a fascinating story, with interesting start dating and get a lot of positive emotions.

The Siege online

Siege - an online strategy civil wars. Every fight is up to you. On the correct placement of the troops to the right decisions during the decided outcome of the battle. Beauty depends on the battlefield tactics and thoughtfulness, resourcefulness command under your leadership. But first you must create and develop his castle, his hero, the management of your troops, building barracks, workshops, resources necessary for your development. Travel in the game world. After the capture and control of territories allows players to get a real property - part of the game world. The captured territory is under the full control of the owners, who can build her defense, industrial and residential construction, road building, and other decorative objects.

Theos: Goddess of Desire online

Long ago the goddess Etain as a bastion of peace and beauty created a magical world of Theos. Something happened that made the people of this world to go against their creator. World together with the goddess was divided into two parts: the Alliance of Light and Union of Fury, led by Deirdre and goddesses Riel. And in this battle, you have to take part. The game is a unique reward system - the blessing of the goddesses. Heroes favored by the higher powers are real tangible benefits. And in between collisions grand adventurers opened vast, unknown world, concealing a lot of secrets and dangers. Ominous dungeons, bloodthirsty monsters remained since the invasion of Theos monsters, demons, dragons - all waiting for the brave men of courage in their fascinating journeys.

Dragonica Online

The company has created Barunson Interactive game "Dragonica". In this game, everything is funny, even terrifying monsters. This game is like a balm for those who are tired of online role-playing with their horrific fighting. Here you can create guilds and fight wall to wall. The whole game is imbued with humor. Play and have fun, get yourself a little happiness and a smile to your friends.

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