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Child development should take place not only in the educational environment. Was once invented a principle that has become a stumbling block for teachers in the education of their wards. Principle is the unity of purpose of school and parents in educational and training processes. Simply put, parents and teachers need to educate the same pattern, without getting in each other's way. Reality has made adjustments - parents strongly opposed the school, thinking that they know better. This trend is most clearly seen in the aesthetic and ideological spheres. On the lessons of art, aesthetics, and a number of occasional special courses school, even with so few resources allocated to them, tries to instill in children a minimal understanding of the beautiful, combination of colors, and so on. But ruthless fashion, owning consciousness minded parents, destroys all attempts of poor teachers. Even if the trendy outfit that season against common sense and aesthetics - the child will walk in it. And no matter what they say the teacher. The result is a grader, dressed as a staff member of the oldest profession, with full (and necessarily vulgar) make-up of the Chinese knockoffs of brand accessories and expensive fashion phone. And even the development of the computer world in which there are many tools of aesthetic education (for example, games for girls dress up and make-up can be quite a worthy instrument of this kind of interaction with the child), not really affect the situation in the field. Insanity adult women comes to the ridiculous - in minus twenty Celsius need to wear pants in the fashion. Why? A sudden fall, fracture, ambulance - and there unfashionable pants? Funny? But this logic is very common. With the make-up too, all very bad. Social fashion completely destroyed the main principle - not all fits all. The primacy of a certain direction leads to the fact that many are not smart enough to keep from bad taste. If the fashion lipstick saturated colors or subtle shades of mascara, the girl with expressionless eyes and lips hypertrophied necessarily apply this makeup. Look at this miracle of fashion gamers say - it would be better to make the game play more. And they are right. After all, the world of computing has enormous potential for such errors do not happen. Do not become a slave to blind fashion. Play games dress up and make-up on our website to stand out from the crowd of tasteless blind striking appearance and understanding of the essence of style. Make-up games for girls online and dress - is a favorite game for girls. Also, make-up games for girls - this is a great way to feel like an adult. Free games for girls makeup online best way to learn the basics of make-up.

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