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Today, the classic games online is very easy to find. Most of them belong to the category of arcade, so they do not require a lot of resources. Platform Java and Flash - a convenient place for such games. But there is a small problem - what is considered a classic. After each generation the classic game of their own, and given the rapid development of the gaming industry, some of the classic games are now simply can not be run on most computers. To the classics in the first place should include the games that have become fundamental for certain game genres. Closest to the source - Office game. He modified quite a bit, but in a graphical way. But the principles of the gameplay in most games are the same. So classic games online - it is primarily office game. Most of them stands on three pillars antediluvian (by the standards of today's children) game world. This - Arkanoid, Bubbles and Lines. Now there are so many games that marked the genre Arkanoid. While taking them to a genre - at least blasphemous. Why? Because the classic Arkanoid game play has not changed one iota. It's all the same blocks (in which they are not odezhku dress), the same ball (even if it is called meteorites or spheres of force / power / whatever), the same bonuses the same platform. A similar story happened to Bubbles. They are the bubbles bubbles. As they do not call and do not repaint. In this kind of a lot more changes occurred with the gameplay, rather than in the games of other genres. But with products such as Lines changes were global. There is a lot of games in which the adopted principle of colored blocks and building them into the ranks, but that's the nature of the game changed dramatically. Therefore, the family of games derived from Lines, can really be called a separate genre. What follows is more recent and therefore more developed classic - it is super Mario Conik. This is a classic arcade game. They also were the main games of the whole genre - platformer. History has one of the classic game - Battle City - comes from a completely different source - the video games. This game - a classic arcade game. This may also include the classic consoles - Galaxy. Many remember with delight, as they in their youth or childhood were shot straight rows of enemy ships. By the way, to play classic games for free can be on this page. You do not need to pass the cumbersome registration process or pay money for that either. Just open the game - that's all the efforts that you need to start playing this classic. The best of the world's popular games, we bring you see the classic game. Only at us - the best classic games for girls and games for boys.

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