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Simulator games for girls, of course, have their own specifics. And it is not every boy will like. Not least because, in such simulations are very much on the emotional side and relations. Girls can project onto the virtual characters and events that happen to them in the game, affection, sympathy and sincere feelings. And, in addition, to identify with the heroine. That boys, in principle, is rarely possible. Therefore, such simulators online games usually do on the relationship between the sexes. Therefore, between the words "dating simulator" and "simulation for girls" can easily equate. As well as between some specific "simulation of God," where the game tasks are focused solely around the personal lives of the characters - to establish relations, farewells, wedding, divorce, adultery, having children. Just another popular genre, which brought in Simulation Games for Girls - this service. And developers use only the weaker sex interesting scenario. Work in a beauty salon as a hairdresser or a manicure and pedicure, the role of the sales assistant in a trendy boutique, baby care, cooking delicious sushi on the rate - all typical scenarios simulation services that are so fond of girls. There is a well-known series of games, where the player will try on the role of a small hotel hostess simulator of flight attendant or secretary. In essence, this is the usual, familiar to all clickers, designed for speed and responsiveness. But, based on observations, the games play simulators prefer the fairer sex. Boys to get used to the role of the waiter, the seller or the wizard to cut and style for some reason do not want. Maybe because in our society these professions accepted regarded primarily as a female. Although in itself a game can be quite interesting. Unless, of course, ignore the stereotypes and prejudices and to focus on the essence of the game. In this you can see for yourself by going to our section on various simulations of this type. In addition to typically female, there is a conventional simulator, usually taking place in conjunction with the clicker. And to play in any of them you can right now. Forget about the long useless logs, and even more so on paid games. Click on a link and go on a fascinating journey through the world of online games!

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