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The kitchen - a very important place in the house. Today, when the concept of home in the literal sense of the word has lost its role began to play stove, the only source of heat in the house and eating at the same time. So many urban residents of apartment buildings comfort associated with this location. And for this comfort is most often hidden and hard unpaid reproductive female labor. Reproductive he called, not because it is associated with the process of childbirth. And because it is infinite. The fact that a woman is ready to be eaten in a short time without a trace. And the results of a thorough cleaning will be buried under an avalanche of dust, debris and scattered things up in a few days. And will have to start all over again. It is a circle endlessly. But somehow housework is considered easy operation, located almost on the verge of rest. And the fact that this work must be distinguished, of speech, of course, no idea. It - women's work. Hence, it is by default not serious. And as is the default operation, mandatory for every woman. Such unfair conviction exists in society. But in fact there is another undeniable fact and pragmatic - any person, regardless of gender, should be able to earn money, prepare meals, maintain the house he desired level of order and to be able, if necessary to resolve some issues in it. In equal rules kitchen just for women is not included. As well as earnings and resolution of technical problems everyday for men only. Any person should be able to self serve themselves, and not to expect favors from the partner. The more that the list of favors partner chooses not to himself, and does them at the direction of society. Therefore placed in this section of our site games about cooking food should not be taken as a game focused solely on the female audience. Although they often search for the search query "games for girls cuisine". Most of these games is a clear and easy to understand guides on how to cook the food. And they are equally useful for both boys and girls. Otherwise, the young man who always sure that his wife will have to feed him, one day, it turns out that his wife is not yet available, but I'm hungry. And then he would have to either look for recipes on the Internet, or play games such subject on our website. They are free of charge and without registration will give him the most basic skills of cooking dishes that ought to get a little earlier.

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