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The child has one peculiarity - it is not yet fully familiar with the object model of the world. He does not see all the relationships between the objects of reality. A child can not properly compare the items on some parameter, in addition, he is not able to arrange items in a logical series. Remember the children's game-cone in which the child must make a cone out of round pieces of wood of different diameters? This game is just designed to help your baby to take the simplest example of the shape of objects, learn to classify them in the parameter "size". More complex modulator such skills can be considered designers Lego, designed for completely different age groups of children. In our time, there is another tool, which is designed to help kids learn to interact with reality, and not only in the form of object manipulation, but also in the more complex systems of the human brain. That is, the child receives is also an opportunity to manipulate the objects, which are located in a different space - virtual. This refers, of course, online game designers for children. These products - a powerful educational tool that helps parents develop children new skills, which greatly enhance the learning potential of the child. Simply put, the baby is head and shoulders above their peers. But do not forget that without careful and painstaking work in child rearing by parents all pedagogical tools - just vibrations in the air around the baby. Designer games online can be quite a different format. This can be a miniature three-dimensional editors, which allow using simple tools to create complex forms and primitive game, in which you can add interesting objects of different shapes. Your child will not be happy one hour for folding the mysterious, only he understood the form of the virtual components. Or will it be looked collect machine or engine, or just show imagination and create something incredible, but realistic. All of this - will be part of the process of development of your baby. Main time to take the child from the computer. Play games online can kontsruktor on this page of our website. All of our games - free, besides, you do not have to go through tedious and resource-registration procedure, which greatly complicate your interaction with the site. No, we all simply and easily.

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