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Humor is as much a part of the modern internet, as well as various kinds, the ideological debate. Without portals with gags, jokes and pictures toads computer world is not possible. This trend has not bypassed and the game world. For example, free online games fun doing interesting even for the part of the audience, which is not interested in the global game. By the way, the humor in computer games - not even a guest, but a permanent resident. For example, in the 90 years of the last century were popular comic different quests. This genre is particularly rich in gags. Players of the time clearly remember the notorious Larry adventures and quests fans must have been playing the game about the adventures of Petka and Vasily Ivanovich. Yet I have a pioneer spirit and Sprite to open the safe without the back wall, is not it? Against the background of the modern game industry the games look even more primitive than a fun free flash games, which are common to modern gaming portals. But interest in those old games were so great that even the envy of the modern blockbuster that loyal audience, which played in the most primitive game by repeatedly passing it a hundred percent, finding a surprise, and the slightest hint. These games are about fun, as they are sometimes called, are unpredictable, and therefore attract the audience, to this day. Fans of classic games are ready to overcome the problems associated with running them (and this is more than an hour to find solutions, both in the network and intuitive per game), to plunge into the atmosphere, which are now providing except online games fun, and that rare . The modern comic industry dictates play jokes, making of accurate and smooth inscribing each Geoghegan and joke in game situations is no longer a long time. Most jokes are predictable. Moreover, given that the same Larry were all "below the belt", the quality of the product is easy to imagine the modern. You should not hide the fact that in the genre of serious games and have lots of fun and high quality products, but it does not play. The fact that many of the elements included in the humorous dialogues and narrative videos. A fun game hidden in the gameplay. Sometimes it is even a sadistic version. For example, in the good old quest "disbelief in evil in" player has to go about 40 blank screens away from the main location, the path of reading posts about "Bob was here" to pick one thing and find out that "here Vasya severe beatings of punks Kharkiv. " This you have not seen! Fun never ends, because it is - the game fun. The most unexpected situations and curious cases. The best free online games for boys and girls - only on our website.

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