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The concept of arcade games is very specific. On the one hand here include games that are classics of the game world, on the other - it is a term that defines the game genre in modern gaming industry, which tend to deliberate simplification of the gameplay up to the primitive. These arcade games are designed to present the player with the joy of a simple but at the same time fascinating game. These games are usually peculiar to two-dimensional view, which is one of the main features of the genre, as the gameplay in the arcades is not very complex, control the majority of games in this format consists of a maximum of six buttons, but often practiced five. There are many types of arcade games, but the most popular ones are scrollers, racing and fighting games. The first type of arcade game, in which the screen is constantly moving. The player is invited to destroy all the enemies and collect all the power ups along the way. Arcade racing in 90 percent of cases are simple, four-ring or broaching race, in which the player has to avoid collisions with other objects on the road. In more complex versions of a player is not just to overcome all of the track, but also to collect the maximum number of points, while selecting the optimal trajectory. Fighting arcade type - a simulator of fights, in which the hero is not taken in the sparring and fighting with enemies constantly appearing. Modern arcade online games - a rare species, because they practically are not issued. But the version of the old arcade platformers - a frequent visitor of any games based on flash. The most classic arcade platformer can be considered Super Mario. From other types of Arcadia include good old Battle City. These games come down to us from the time slot with video games, but they also played a major role in the development of the gaming market in the modern sense. Most modern game designers have grown in such games, so the spirit and gameplay in modern game has subtle notes of that era. Who has not wished that to spend an extra hour in the prefix, even if borrowed from a friend. Arcade games were passed from hand to hand on the cartridges, they can be bought for a lot of money for that time, they can be rented for a day or two. These games have become the basis for many of the perception of the game world, the philosophy of play and its finest form. That's why some companies continue to produce arcades in modern graphics. Touch the classics you. On this page of our website. Arcade games - for all those who want to check their accuracy and response. Arcade games for boys and girls. Great pastime - act decisively and earn bonuses. Great selection of arcade games: games for girls and games for boys.

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