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To win in a zombie game, you need to destroy all the undead. Zombie shooter game has a strong arsenal of weapons in order to return to the pit of zombies.

Undead - a generic name of game characters, which are brought to life through the magic of the dead. All kinds of undead in the game world are many. Here there was a classic trend interconnect disparate characters who are able to fall into the category of undead. On the one hand it is usual for us, vampires and werewolves, bone dragons and walking skeletons. On the other hand - these are currently Frankenstein's monster, which are assembled from the remnants of various bodies. But the most terrifying and popular form of undead still remains the most common representative of this kind - a zombie. They fear the night in the cemetery and they laugh in humorous games, but the most common genre of game zombie games are, of course, play a zombie shooter. It so happened that the zombies are considered the most popular form of mass undead. We are talking about the zombies in most games a lot. Not just a lot, and countless walking dead, that can take any number of building modern weapons by numbers. That is the most common story online games zombie siege is a huge number of the walking dead, of any building. The player, as usual, to go it alone to protect against superior numbers of the enemy. That is the American classification, all zombie games online - this game genre "kill them all". Gameplay is not original here - you need to shoot a lot, not a lot of shooting. Although each level the player becomes stronger, enemies come in sufficient quantities, so relax with a super gun will not work. Both the first and the last level of the game you have to shoot all the time, at the risk of wiping the hole in the mouse or keyboard. These games allow you, as you can not exactly feel the tense atmosphere of the besieged city. Whatever the in-game graphics sense of panic and the desire to shout "AAA! I do not have time! "Guaranteed to anyone who dares to open the game and get at least a few levels. Particularly attractive in this regard flash games about zombies. After all, with the simplest muscle control developers can afford just the same hordes of undead. In full-fledged game, you simply will not be able to repel the attack of several thousand of the enemy, and in flash format - easily. Incidentally, in the zombie games 2 times did not play. All of them - the game for the evening. This disadvantage is compensated by the fact that the games themselves on this subject an incredible amount. So you can just choose another game and forget about the previous games.

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