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Famous computer worms will give a lot of positive, if the Worms play online. In the modern game of Worms can be in different genres - puzzles, quests, arcades.

Older games often disappear from view players, forgotten or appear later years. But it is worth to someone from the old fans to create a technology-based old game - then the players of all generations come back to it. It happened not just one game, though often the magic happens: the updated game is perceived by users much better than the original. Young people who do not know about the history of the product, vying scolds original, praising the new product. This is understandable, as the players claim the younger generation, not a specific game. As an example, the game follows the adventures of worms. Now you can play online in the worms, in the format of multiplayer games. And before the game was kind of a sacred event. The fact that she was one of the few that allows you to play multiple players on the same computer. Many of us are invited friends home and evenings sitting out in brutal battles worms. Play Worms allowed in very different modes, giving players a great potential for the identification of the strongest in a fair fight. The essence of the game was to ensure that the worms are placed on a two-dimensional map, had to destroy each other until there was one or all died. The entire map is easy to destroy, but the players were serious enough arsenal. You can run into an enemy grenade and could vystelit bazooka. Hiding behind a barrier opponent could blow up a pigeon, bend around obstacles, or a sheep, which leapt from the characteristic sound of the enemy, exploding on command. In close combat, the player can throw an opponent into the water (that is, kill) hand to hand or using firearms - shotgun or machine. The players themselves, or moved under its own power, or a rope, or teleport. The latter method was rare, and the rope was not in abundance. Therefore, players had to shoot in, learn to consider an amendment to the wind and take cover from enemy attack under the cover of the terrain or the beams from the arsenal. A large group of enemies can be destroyed with the help of cluster bombs or weapons comic plan: watermelon bombs or grenades saint. Watermelon watermelon was a grenade, disintegrating into wedges. The bomb not only deliver powerful damage, but significantly alters the profile of the card. When she stopped and roll, losing the famous tune of "Hallelujah! "Spacing considerable piece of card to shreds. Worms game - only at our site for free.

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