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Games for girls Winx fairies dipped gamers in the world of magic and beauty. To win the game for girls sorceress, have to battle with evil sorcerers.

In the game world for a long time, there are two categories of players who can not find common ground. On one side of the fence located realistic simulation fans, who argue that the most important thing to make the game as realistic as possible. And at the other end of the conflict - the fans of fantastic worlds, which is important to the world to be as far away from reality. Arguments fans of the second party is strong. Because for them it is important to get in the game world is not a copy of reality, and what can not be in reality. For example, fans of the game for girls Winx fairies never really be able to become a real fairy with magical powers. But in the gaming world, they can grow themselves, even fantastic, but the wings. And be able to feel the real heroes that can save a magical dimension of evil, or, conversely, to conquer it by stealing the powerful force of a dragon. But in realistic games that? Well fishing ... So, we can not and dad go fishing for real? Besides, it's so boring, think fans games for girls sorceress. And because they're right - the world of elves and the undead we do not get the real thing. Therefore, this segment of the gaming market seems most attractive. As for the connection with this world, and that in fact the developers are not fools. They strive to write fantasy worlds in our physics, so get as much realistic moments. Those games are designed so little fairy, as if a person grew up real butterfly wings. So if they get a fiery spell, the hero falls quite real. And the damage is calculated as it is realistic. In this case, the appropriate balance between realism and gameplay is very important. Here the fans all want to maximize the realism in life. And if they would have played in the simulator tanks, if the game had to have five players at a time for single tank? And how many would be willing to as a radio operator? Probably not very fun to sit and chat to relay position on a coordinate grid to all the allies could fire blindly. Therefore, fantasy worlds and win in most cases. People strive to get what he could not achieve in real life. What is not a fantasy, can give people the feeling like? Flights and spells, terrible enemies and mighty heroes - this is what distinguishes the game world from boring real world. If you think as you, play games Winx fairies on this page of our website.

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