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Play online Warcraft can be on the side of people, Orcs or Elves. Mini-games offer a copy of the classic game, and some variations on the theme of the universe Warcraft.

Number of gaming hits, lived for many years, became athletic disciplines, won millions of people around the world, not so great. If divided by genre, then the undisputed leader will be, of course, strategy. Warcraft and strakraft - these two legendary names in the history of games. Heroes - the most famous turn-based strategy. Number of legends in the strategy genre almost equal to the number of similar hits in other genres together. That's because these games are always available for multiplayer games, they slowly and dynamic at the same time. Play a particular kind of strategy like almost all the people who play at all. But the most popular real-time strategy so far can be considered warcraft. This game has become for many people the first strategy in life, won the fan stable even in times of the second part. And he carried out the third episode of the game on the top. The game world is so fond of the public that paid multiplayer game World of Warcraft has become so popular that to play this game people sell their organs. The same game was osnovopolozhnym point in drafting modern game mythology. With the release of the next set of warcraft realms races got taken from Warcraft. Even the legendary series Heroes of Might and Magic succumbed under the influence started the trend, and introduced the dark elves in their own world. Thus, the overall picture was expanded fabulous and fantastic characters. The world created by the game more in the second part was to create a common standard for the next game worlds. Now, during the struggle for the player in the environment of multi-player games, the number of races continues to expand, but at the heart of many of the images they still put the basic game images of warcraft. This topic is so popular that many online games are trying to just copy the World of Warcraft in order to attract players. It is bearing fruit, as the people are happy to find themselves in the world that even remotely resembles their favorite universe. Moreover, these games every day more and more. The trend started Warcraft, gradually forms the new face of modern fiction in the game world. On our site you can play warcraft online, that is, simple flash game, based on this comprehensive universe. These games can either download to your computer or play online, directly from your browser. Moreover, for this is our site does not ask you for anything. No money, no registration.

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