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Shoot the enemies and combat control devices allow voynushki games for boys. Voynushki play online is much better than to participate in a real battle.

Probably each of us has hundreds of nostalgic stories of childhood. Almost all once had friends in the courtyard, with whom spent many hours getting to know the world and creating copies of the adult world. For some, it was a special adventure, full of mysteries and secrets, for some romantic and childishly naive stories of friendship, love and betrayal. And probably each had its own special place where they gathered to plan their adventure. Often, children are divided into two groups - gender - and fighting among themselves. How many parents would not repeat the boys that girls can not be beat, the little hooligans repeatedly strikes a secluded place where little princesses play their scene of the alleged marriage. Never again, except in the world of childhood boys and girls has so many contradictions. Boys sincerely hate dolls and girls' secrets, believing that their mission on earth - to win these strange creatures in the dress, which at the time seem to all aliens from another planet. Key games for boys voynushki never become clear the girls, but if one of them can find a strong leader, she leads her loyal girls to fight and drive out the aggressor from their secret bushes and alleys. But the boys often are the same leaders. Then the real war erupted kingdoms. Yes there kingdoms worlds! While at that age are all equally strong, so the girls can easily take over. In the course of this battle is everything - from water cannons to catapults and sticks vines that are very painful to hit the body. There is only one power in the world that will allow these children to take the same uncompromising attitude. It is not strange, but it is - an invasion of a neighboring yard. Boys and girls tend to forget the insults and interventionist drive as soon as possible. While other kids n6e dare offend girls as a sign of brotherhood geographical challenged. Well, that such wars were smaller, more aggressive boys came up with a game that is only part of those interested - voynushki. Precise rules it does not, and never will, because this game - a simple simulation of a chaotic war. There are no fights, only loud cries of "groin-groin-groin! Killed! "Sea and disputes on the" I kill you first. " Adults also can only remember a time, trying to get at least in his own imagination at the exciting time of his life. They can also play voynushki online right here.

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