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Flash games castle defense offer various defense techniques. Archers, guns, magic spells - the protection of the castle flash games require the gradual development of its defense.

Among the diversity of the game world players often produce some category of games that they love the most. Such people prefer to play in just one thing, so they are always looking for new products in this gaming genre. Ironically, one of the most popular genres, which binds the player to the game for a long time, are flash games castle defense. These simple products are very interesting for people who love the game of strategy and tactical. The essence of the gameplay is incredibly simple - it gives you a place to protect and path. Along the way you can set a variety of traps and protective equipment. To win, you must destroy all the enemies on the way to your castle. These flash games castle defense can force the player to sit for hours at the computer. The fact is that in addition to the strategic element, the player is able to play a kind of role-playing. After all, between the levels the player can spend money earned bonuses for improving the performance of their defensive redoubts. For online game developers protect the castle - a fertile topic. Not only do they love the players, so even in these products laid great creativity. They are not resource-intensive, which makes it possible to lay the game a lot of features. For example, the creator of the game has an opportunity to lay the game enemies with different characteristics, which greatly enhances the potential of tactical games. For example, if the game has four types of protective structures - archers, soldiers, artillery units and magic of the tower, with equality of all the enemies on the characteristics of the player can just build a lot of guns and magic towers, blocking the way to enemy heavy fire. But if the developer has taken care of the diversity of enemies, the player will have to think and build different types of protection in different places. The soldiers cut off the enemies of the way fast, archers take care of magical enemies, artillery will break a lot of weak men. A mages destroy armored enemies. Thus, the protection framework becomes more interesting and varied. This type of game Tower Defence has become so popular that in the latest version of the game Assassin entered it as a mini-game to the game. The hero must defend your base, killing hordes of enemies that way. Play these fun games you can on our website. Look a little higher - and you'll see links to these products the gaming industry. All our games are free, so you can start the promo now. Do not worry, no need to register, too.

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