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A player is not to be afraid, even if he plays in the most terrible game. Virtual monsters and remain in the game world, and defeating them can fight and my fear.

The worst games are the most exciting times. The modern game industry so far stepped forward, she learned very artistically and psychologically true escalate terror. Both in small and large genres. Even a short and simple game, if properly drawn and has a well placed accents can cause the player a sense of tingling on the skin. And what to speak of complex games with a clever storyline, highly artistic graphics and surround sound? In the description of many of them even warned that they better not play for children of a certain age group. It is not recommended to pass the games and people with weak nerves or heart disease. Because they fear its effect can cause a real stress. The method used legal - no 25 fps, or other prohibited practices. Therefore, those who enjoy a variety of ways to tickle your nerves, terrible game guarantee wild leap of adrenaline and a lot of pleasant sensations. Scary games are there in almost all known video game genres. A lot of them found among adventure games. After all, even the most innocent of them, as a rule, use a gloomy gothic surroundings of the medieval castle, abandoned cemetery, deserted city or the hospital where ghosts. And always enjoy the surprise effect, achieved by inserts in video format. You open a new door, and from there on you with an eerie howling catches half-decayed corpse. After this rapid heart you almost guaranteed. A developer in the arsenal of adventure there are many such tricks. Which are sure to find your desired tremble consumer. Shooter Games may also not used to frighten people. Especially the one who is very nervous to blood and dead bodies, even painted. Available games with shooting all the same arsenal - surprise attacks from behind, eerie sounds that can emit invisible enemies, and more. Keep a gun in such an atmosphere you want twice as much. And shoot, as a rule, begin more accurately. The images of horror can be found in almost any genre of games. Can see it on this page of our website. Here we have collected the games that fans of digital entertainment considered the most dire. You can agree with it after be able to form an opinion. And do it can absolutely free.

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Online Games:

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