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Tangled Rapunzel game play provides the plot of Disney cartoon. Rapunzel and her boyfriend Flynn overcome obstacles to be together.

Today's children grow up very quickly, they just absorb the chaotic variety of information. For them is not enough children's tales, they need modern outlook on life and a modern fairy tale with a modern interpretation. This should be something that 30 years ago, showed in feature films for teenagers. But to take the story of how kind and sweet princess sits waiting for his prince charming, will be except that only the youngest children. And it was such animated films for children and takes the world famous Walt Disney World. All remember these fabulous characters: The Lion King, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, and many other cartoon characters. They became the on-screen incarnation of kindness and courtesy, as it has all the features of the common man - they are quite emotionally react to all that is happening around, they make controversial actions, they may be wrong soritsya. In short, they do everything that normal people do. This is what these heroes have attracted young viewers, as this was the reason that these films its didactic function, which does not go with the times. But times change and what was interesting for children ten years ago, now may not be quite what you need. It is for this reason that studio went to some of the characters growing up, in the new movie "Tangled Tangled" appeared age scene. But as it turned out, it did not affect the popularity of the cartoon, it is with great success in various theaters around the world. Popular cartoon resulted in the creation of the game. Generally interesting game Rapunzel Tangled Anyone can play, not only the child but an adult. Although, this does not expect the creators, because adult gamers are unlikely to pay attention to children's issues, they have their own priorities. But on the tape itself from Disney, then you can say that the producers decided to make tape analogy with dizzying series of films about cannibal Shrek. It is also visible in the structure of the image and the story tape, even in the manner of drawings. The only thing that this cartoon is designed for a specific age group - children. The game is mandatory for children like it, it is made beautiful, high quality. It grabs attention, as there is quite a lot of different components - simple platformers, shooters, Painting, story quests where you have to look for different things.

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