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Sonic X Games again dipped us into the universe of the famous Sega Toys. Sonic X to play online, then hedgehog help avoid the dangers and get to the goal of the round.

Now a huge popular game Sonic's, modeled on the popular Japanese animated series, which we have never enjoyed wide renown. Worldwide, except in Japan, Sonic hedgehog is generally associated with times of good old console. Then a series of games with his participation was a real discovery for children. And even became a source of fanaticism. So strong that later shown on television series of cartoons about Sonic has not made absolutely no impression. Because for someone who is outside of Japan and has no specific local Eastern thought, these characters can exist only in a computer game format. Sonic X to play online can make easily. But watch his adventures on television would not want to even the youngest children. Of course, the traditional Japanese cartoons like now around the world. But on one condition - they are the most human-like characters. There may be fantastic creatures, but the story still focuses on people, their relationships, achievements, experiences and problems. One of the most popular options - there are some strange monsters design and characteristics. They get into the real world of today. There they are children and adolescents who become their masters. And along with these unusual pets experiencing exciting adventures and get into unexpected situations. People here need a reason. It is with him, not with a round ball with a beak or three tails - or a blue hedgehog in sneakers - and will associate themselves spectator. That, of course, will not prevent him to have sympathy for the fantastic heroes. When the main character - like the human animal is not any lion or tiger, but just a hedgehog, the result is predictable. In the game you can play with it, but the animation is unlikely to please even the youngest viewers. Apparently, in Japan, this situation is different. Therefore, there is the same love and the game with Sonic, and the series of it. But in this location, we offer you is a selection of games. Rules of the Game Sonic X sometimes resemble those that were on the console, and sometimes are completely new, using elements of modern gaming genres - shooting games, adventure games, and even dress up. Therefore, we offer you to plunge into the waves of nostalgia and play a few games of Sonic. And it is here, with us, you can do it absolutely free.

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Online Games:

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