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Simulation life reproduce the most interesting professions and occupations. You can equip a life game character, cares about his work and play.

Simulation Game of life can be safely called games is not for everyone. It was their most often used by those who are against computer games as a genre. In fact in the life of a person simulator replaces similar events are genuine computer counterparts. Goes on a date, make money, make a career, to bear and raise children. Echo these simulators has come even to large multi-user gaming projects. Indeed, in many of them there was an option the wedding. Two players are hoarding virtual currency, perform tasks, get real money special equipment. And all that for a game to get married. Moreover, these two do not necessarily have to be familiar with each other and to interact within the game. But because of the status of the husband or wife in the game world at times serious passions boil. Some girls even lose interest in the game after they have achieved the wedding. Haters computer entertainment sure that people replace real life virtual. And doing this is through the life simulation. But this is not true. If only because the genre is somewhat more complicated than it looks from the outside. First, not all simulators copy daily human life. They have a lot of fascinating stories. For example, you can visit in the form of a wolf, an ant in an ant hill, the carp in the pond, or even microbes in the human body. And recently gaining popularity simulators life mystical creatures. Popular culture has prompted developers that always want to make sure the werewolves and vampires. But even be in the shoes of the Wolf Man, much more fun and rewarding than its usual daily send virtual hero to work or make him eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. This type of game simulation of life give the opportunity for you and love computer games. That is for the opportunity to be the person you will never be truly - try on their habits, life goals, and, in a way, looking at the world. Earlier on such things were only capable creative. Now it is available to everyone who has ever play in a quality simulator with an unusual life story and not entirely trivial character. That is what we do and invite you to a special section of our site. Here we have collected a very large range of simulators for every taste and imagination. This original game developer, and classics - household simulations of daily life. And those and others - for free.

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