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The famous cartoon family of a Simpsons game invites its fans. Simpsons game you can play with a wide variety of tasks and possibilities of gameplay.

Anyone who has ever interested in the animated series, must have heard about one of them, called The Simpsons. Due to the fact that the animated series is widely known, in his motives were created many entertainment products, including the Simpsons game. To date, The Simpsons is the longest animated series of all time American television. At the moment, it has been shown 23 season, which include, in total, an impressive 495 series. Not surprisingly, based on these series was created by a large variety of games that allow you to watch the Simpsons are going through what adventures online. What is the game Simpsons fundamentally different from other flash games? First of all, the unique characters. As you know, The Simpsons, each series offers a satirical look at the life of an average American family. The head of this family is Homer Simpson. In general, Homer stupid enough and not educated, but, nevertheless, has served as safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Also Homer loves donuts and likes to drink beer. Typically, almost no game is complete without The Simpsons Homer. In some of them, Homer just need to properly decorate. And, for example, in the game "Beer Homer race" to help the protagonist to catch beer cans and put them in the trunk of a car, while avoiding contact with the burning object. Well, if you're a fan of the series, then you'll definitely bring pleasure to listen to Homer's favorite phrases, which have become an instant classic. As a rule, many debacles in which Homer gets, he helps his wife - Marge Simpson. Unlike her husband, she was intelligent and sophisticated person. However, it is often necessary to change their habits in order to fit in with the image of an ordinary housewife. Another character who can not even inferior to the popularity of Homer, is his son - Bart Simpson. It is a normal rebellious 10-year-old who does not like to study, and in his spare time prefers comics and skateboarding. Drawn to extreme sports, in particular, is dedicated to one of the games. It Bart somehow decided to ride the surf right in the radioactive pool. Bart has consistently gets into various unpleasant situations. To better cope with them can help Bart in a game dedicated to the training of a young boy in the box. In addition to these characters there is Lisa Simpson and her younger sister Maggie. Undoubtedly, with such characters as The Simpsons game is fun and exciting.

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