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Even a simple game can bring a lot of positive. After all, is not the complexity - unpretentious arcade and adventure games are not less interesting than heaped tiered assignments.

Fans of both simple and complex games have long been waged between an ideological war. The first believe that computer games - employment frivolous. And for them to spend time is not necessary. Moreover, if the game is required to penetrate, to learn the rules, learn new skills. It is better to do something more useful and fun. But it may happen that a representative of such an ideology is a total of more than his opponent. After all, when casually overcome another level linear game, not zamechesh how much time do you actually spend in it every day. And if you combine these disparate moments in the amount you can get a few hours. After all, simple games that are created for relaxation of the brain, tend to delay a long time. Supporters of complex games are simple games and, from their point of view, too, the primitive is not the best way. They, like the opponents are trying to elevate themselves at the expense of a rival. For example, claiming that complex action games or massively multiplayer gaming products - the lot of smart, intelligent players. Who simply do not want to waste time on a frank and predictable entity. And what is involved in serious games logic and intelligence, not fine motor skills, able to reset the intellectual tension. But with most of their favorite games character development from level to level often does not require any serious mental operations. Suffice it to perseverance, the regular return to the game and very often - a certain amount of real money. It is quite enough to help it to stand out among other players. And a very large percentage of multi-player games also does not require anything other than pressing the right mouse button while. Not even on the speed, but just to control your character. So both types of games have their place. A choice of one of two genres - simple or complex - says only about certain preference rights. For example, the fact that he does not see computer games as an occupation that should occupy in his life permanent. Or the fact that he likes to get away from reality for a short time in fantasy worlds that are specifically for this and create quality games developers. In short, there is no universal prescription. Therefore, along with a lot of difficult games we offer on our website and simple. They are in this section. Play them easy, fun, and free. Saving the game on your own computer also will not cost you even a token amount of money.

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