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By clicking on objects and sorting out how they can help the hero, you can play three in Zamora. The character of this quest - an alien creature that lives in a fantastic reality.

A category of people always try to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, if one is used for the classical method: "If you want to stand out from the gray - be bright, you want to stand out from the color - for the gray", others use much more sophisticated methods. The principle here is very primitive and nechelovechen in essence. We need to find something in yourself that you're doing well. So this will be in the words of man who wants to stand out the foundation. But everything else is attached to devalue. Moreover, it does not matter what that person better. Enough to do that better than anyone anywhere, even in a handkerchief to blow his nose. And then - in a fight with the rest of humanity. "Aesthetically blowing your nose in a handkerchief! , "" Who is not blowing his nose - the loser! "," Master, who graduated from courses craftsmanship in a handkerchief to blow his nose, invites to free demonstration "," One simply can not afford to blow your nose ugly! ". And - in the bag. Coming soon, a community blows his nose in a handkerchief. As often happens with games. A fine example of the art adventure game Zamora really fun and atmospheric game, but the fans are very often behind the curve, offering your favorite game to the level of heaven. Comes to what people. Not played in Zamora intellectually below players. And this attitude of fans to the rest of the world just destroys everything good in Zamora. Thesis work of Czech designer made a splash in the people slimy to the arts. Only here the behavior of fans of the game is not too high intelligence meant that each of their opponents cry Zamora grew. These intellectuals do not want to have anything to do with the mass argues for others people. As for the game itself, it is, though not brilliant, but it is a worthy example of its genre. And since the author of the game - the designer, the main value of the game is well-drawn atmospheric graphics. Idea of ​​the game is not like the examination committee, but made a splash outside the school. The result was a second part, perceived as well. But in Zamora 3 play was difficult, because that spreads under the guise of this game - just a product of the same company, which is to do with the original game does not have. Although in itself it has the atmosphere of the game world Zamora, also it's a good educational game for kids, so you can play it. Including on our site. Of course, we will not ask you for it no money, no registration.

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