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Russian roulette computer games allow you to enjoy this pastime without loss. Roulette game online on our site are free and safe.

You would be able to shoot yourself in the head with a probability of surviving five to one? And repeat that a few times? And for a lot of money? I think that in 15 years, many have been able to, and in 22 - the majority refused to. Everyone knows what is at stake and what is the name of the game. And the rules of the game Russian roulette knows that. They pistol, revolver or rather, a game of Russian roulette with an automatic weapon - an occasion for jokes with a tragic tone. One round and one life at stake. In this rule and end. Why do people do it? Why do they want to play with my life? The answer is simple - exorbitant adrenaline. The fact that only such closeness to death leads to unrealistic doses of the hormone, which allows not only to achieve some excitement, but also for large infusions becomes a real generator of euphoria. Shooting himself in the head combat loaded gun, a person feels on top of the world, because after a successful (that is, one from which he was still alive), the shot he feels a victory over the case and death. This feeling can not be compared to anything else - no skydiving or flying on a rope from a bridge does not give such an incredible burst of the whole organism. So many people want to risk their lives for such a feeling. But, fortunately, these extreme adrenaline junkies small, so our world has ever died from the epidemic of non-private cases. But the disposition - a pistol, a table and two people, it seems very attractive. Therefore, many of us go online roulette game online. This is a completely different set of simulations of Russian roulette, which are designed not only to show the process, but also to prove to potential players, the winners are often the same thing as those who shot himself in the head. This can be pure simulation, where the player fights against blind random number generator, and can be and action games in which, for example, a player is offered to play with a charming girl. If you, or rather your character survives, it does not bear the garment, and if ... However, that's obvious. In life, no one would have dared to play such a game. But many users are trying to strip the girl. But few people can, after all rounds with each round becoming more ... These games - at one time. They are very dark and scary atmosphere, but everyone can try to play, because the computer world is safe. You can do it right on this page. Of course, free. We sincerely hope that you never after did not want to play Russian roulette in life. Play roulette online free, online free. All free games online roulette only in the world of entertainment flash. com. ua. The best online flash games for free roulette for adults. Favorite Roulette: Russian and American

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