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Going down the road racing games on skateboards, avoid collisions with trees, falling into pits. And collect artifacts along the way, we pass through the gate bonus.

Extreme activities have long occupied an important place in the category of computer games. The most common genre in which the popularity of virtual skateboarding, skiing, biking or extreme surfboard are racing. The main difference from the classical format with racing cars, trucks, and various modifications of aircraft that these sports are readily available to any of us in real life. That's just devote the time and energy they dare not everyone. Stop the financial aspect - a professional approach to the extreme entertainment, usually is not cheap. And, of course, fear of injuries of varying difficulty stops many frustrated fans of extreme. So that some of the users is also because he can not afford it for real. A variety of computer games racing on skateboards doing fairly powerful source of adrenaline. Of course, it is not monotonous race in a straight line, in which the role of the vehicle performs board to ride. Their main highlight is the surroundings of the city. Railings, stairs, curbs, ramps, abandoned stadiums and swimming pools - that obstacles to meet the riders on the playing track. There is even a race on the roofs of tall buildings, which are impossible in real life, the option of parkour. In addition, developers racing skateboards pay very much attention to the physical model. Managing a virtual race car, you need only a few keys on your keyboard. And it is not true. But the computer has a skateboard rider with the player to keep a balance on any surface on which it rides. In addition, an integral part of many games of this type are the tricks you need to perform on a board with wheels. However, even without reducing speed. So that the task becomes even more challenging and interesting. Of course, if you wait for it to play. If not - there is a set of simple games, managed limited number of keyboard keys. They do not require special skills and games aim to help the player to have a good time. All variety of racing on skateboards can be found on our website, which you have already discovered. It now remains to choose the game that you need right now. And without a doubt, click "Play." We guarantee that every game on our website - free of charge. Because there is simply no other.

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