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During bicycle racing gamers to jump over obstacles and avoid falling. Game bike race can be won, if monitor balance in jumping.

Science fiction writers for decades relish topic end energy on earth. Apocalyptic pictures, gang wars - which just do not promise people the writers after the earth running out of oil and gas. But all the people just scroll through these books and movies cynical humor comment, forgetting that their desire to ride on the machine, "zhruschey more gasoline" only brings this point. Only slight movement activists seek to remedy the situation, promoting the role of urban transport ecological and economical transport - bicycles. Actions in support of cycling to nothing lead. Bicycle lanes open only formally, not giving a real infrastructure for cyclists. But this form of transport can save the future of humanity. Now bikes are not only a vehicle, but also a way to spend leisure time, a way to participate in the competitions available to everyone. Bicycle racing is conducted not only athletes, but also ordinary citizens who seek to support this wonderful way to travel. In late spring, around the world are bicycle races and trick bike is becoming more popular among young people. And because the stunts and race at high speeds - it's not too safe, people often just can not dare to do this sport. Often motorists injure people on bicycles. Everybody knows it, but to prove designedness such actions can not everyone. And therefore dangerous to drive on the roads of the city - because of the dominance of mentally unstable people in cars. As for those people who want to but are afraid, they created whole sections in the computer gaming world. Games cycling races do no less exciting than the car or motorcycle counterparts. No matter what the fans of classic racing games, and cycling - not less suitable for gaming genre, rather than different variations of the truck and racing horses. Almost all online games on bicycles not particularly graphic, because most of them performed in the Flash format. But the gameplay in most of these games just on top. Circuit races on tracks a real race in the desert, handicap - all this is perfect to spend time with a virtual bike. It can be done, for example, on our site. This page will take you to the world of cycling simulator for free!

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Online Games:

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