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ATV racing games are on rugged trails, forests, mountains, swamps. Win they can only skillfully overcoming obstacles.

This game genre, as a race, can without exaggeration be called immortal. Gamers around the world for decades to play it. And he does not bother anyone, even in the classic version, which is schematically drawn in race cars competing in speed and quickness on the same scheme of the track. Game racing subjects manage to maintain interest in themselves in all their variations - from complex multi-player games with realistic models of machines to simple games described above. What is their secret? Perhaps, in the age-old human craving for speed. Rapid movement is a prelude for the flight. And contributes to the blood splash sufficiently large doses of adrenalin. In life, not everyone dares to take part in the race, especially in extreme racing. Therefore, it remains to realize their dreams of a rate virtually. And developers are doing everything to make this incarnation was the most interesting and fascinating. Despite the popularity of games of the race, their diversity increases with each passing year. One way to make a racing game with an unusual story - is to change the model of the car. Today there are hundreds of embodiments of the good old racing. They are attended not only racing cars, but also motorcycles, huge cargo trucks, fashion and fine gigs, taxis and many car models. A recent public attracted more and ATV racing game. They are no different from all the other races. But only at first glance. Those who play them, the opposite. In virtual racing quad bike has its own specifics, due exactly a model car. Which greatly affects the features of management, and the process of racing. The severity and low maneuverability ATV transferred from reality to the virtual space, can create a really exciting competition in which interested to participate. Typically, these games realized scenario extreme racing without rules. That only adds interest and makes the process even more exciting. Therefore, among the game lovers of the genre in general and racing in particular racing ATVs have many fans. All of them are invited to visit the corresponding section of our website, which contains just such a race. Start virtual competitions you can right now. After all, our games can be played on the Internet, and on your own computer. Besides, they're all free!

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