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A prototype of the hero of the game was an amazing creature that can take the form of different people, penetrating even in their memories. Mini-games often use the idea of ​​the prototype.

Recently, many developers of computer games began to resort to mixed subjects and genres. This development of the gaming industry is quite predictable, as most game genres already completely exhausted itself. Which units would not have been thought up, no matter what approach to tactics did not take a team of developers of a game, they will not be able to surpass the excellent balanced strategies for the past years. Fact to find perfect balance, while not giving the units of different factions of the same scheme - an extremely difficult task. Well ephemeral, using exactly the same units, but in different visual solutions, all have long become boring. How not to invent new forms of weapons, not to develop a new mechanics, and will be in the top Contra. Because the laser gun or bullet - they are still the same on the principle of action. How many did not invent levels, and role-playing game will remain the same. Even the first mixed genre and place in the strategy of developing the levels of heroes, all a bit boring. We have to do something radically new - bulldog mix with a rhinoceros, roughly speaking. And turn the world upside down. Often quite literally. Once upon a time there was a game Aliens vs. Predator. The highlight of this product was that it turned the classical understanding of three-dimensional first-person shooter. In the literal sense, because Aliens quietly and ran across the ceiling and down the walls, making the player at the beginning it was very difficult to ignore the classical canons. Similarly, by the creators of the game went prototype. They took elements of many popular formats and now created eclecticism. Hero guises, running on walls, like Assassin uses spectacular jumps and tricks. But this game is a shooter. This approach, though not allowed to withdraw the game as incredibly popular, but allowed to occupy a significant place in the market of computer games. The creators were fairly successful in a niche - they gave the fans their assassins highly coveted world of modern technology, fans of the legendary GTA - massive action. The game, like its main character, consists of allusions and reminiscences, attracting the widest possible audience. Only this arrant secondary and was the reason that the prototype is not a legend. And not likely to become, for the same Assassin attracts not only gameplay, but story. This book and the movie and the game in one package. The prototype is left completely game design. Although, to evaluate each player on their own.

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