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Pikachu and his friend Ash continue to battle with other coaches in the game world of Pokemon. It is worth to collect new fighting creatures, after all Pokemon games are full of intense combat.

Japanese culture is full of mysteries and surprises. Getting into our environment, many of the cultural achievements of Japan seen quite wrong, as would the representatives of this nation. What can you say about the perception of the world. If some of the impulses of the soul of individual Japanese do not understand even their compatriots. For example, the author of the popular themes created not Pokemon cartoon and anime, and play. While the author's desire significantly different from how this plot and the Japanese version of the perceived, and the people of other countries. Thus, the author of the game Pokemon childhood spent much time on his hobby - collecting. He is so fond of doing this, that and created a wave of his game. As he later admitted himself, his aim was not to create a good game or a new fantasy world. But wanted to give people the joy of collecting. As we can see the author's fascination with our standards a bit bordered on pathology, as he dropped the possibility of thinking differently than he prescribed own relationship with the real world. World also thought and randomly created world of small monsters walked confident step on the planet. First animated series conquered land of the rising sun. Of course, outside of the context of collecting serious meaning the story was not so hit the very very child category. The world was the same. But rebyatnya worldwide so loved the characters and the concept of the animated series, which is now not only children, but most adults know about Pokemon. Especially the kids liked the main character from the world of monsters - Pikachu. Yellow zverushku even know some of the pensioner, and in certain subcultures, it is a symbol along with Sponge Bob of emo culture. But partly achieve its goal to author the original game failed. After the success of the animated series started releasing small round pieces with images of Pokemon. Rebyatnya gladly took up the idea, start sharing these chips and playing them in their games. But the scale of collectibles is not reached because the creators of this game did not bother to create a collector's set, that is, let the chips are different to different quantities. With an equal distribution of all objects everyone can easily gather a collection by exchanging duplicate items on the missing. Since the probability of the same for all chips, and value of each chip is identical. Conquered Pokemon games only in the computer. Where the game was released, and there she found the most fame.

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