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Parkour games offer a virtual version of overcoming obstacles in urban environments. Online Games Parkour is much safer for beginners than jumping on the real rooftops.

Soviet times are long gone, so some elements of the culture are no longer active. For example, the attitude to sport and physical education has changed radically. Today's young people, know a healthy life, not take my morning exercises and songs, agitation about the benefits of dousing with cold water. The era has changed the understanding of the human personalities of sport. Now no one will exert in order to get the result, described in the books of fifty years ago. The main requirement for the sport in our time is the requirement of personal interest in the process, not the result. That is why more and more people are addicted to extreme sports, including such dangerous and difficult kind of street acrobatics as parkour. This is a very difficult sport, which is not so easy to master without proper preparation. Parkour game does not accept, there is serious and one mistake can cost not only health, but also life. Mindfulness, cool calculation of its forces - is key to success. And the cost of failure is too high. That is why many people are not at risk to do this difficult and dangerous type of outdoor sport. For them in the world of computer games, there are a number of products that can replace the feelings that supposedly should get engaged parkour people. Simple online game parkour occur very often. After all, most of the active arcades can be attributed specifically to the genre. In the world of big games this species is gaining momentum, even though it brought glory parkour games like Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia. Although players do not want to play the game parkour targeted, they appreciate the tricks of Altair and Ezio, which were prepared by professionals from the world of parkour. Parkour is a pure lives, mostly in simple flash. It is not only playing with the elements of this species, but these simulations, the meaning of which boils down to doing tricks on the streets and rooftops. These flash game about parkour enjoy the last few years, extraordinary popularity precisely because he is important for the players sport that they see in the performance of friends and acquaintances, the sport that attracts them, not only as a sport, but ka show. And the ranks of passive fans of parkour are increasing every day just because the game was released, new directions subcultures that also practice this form. Play a game of Parkour can be directly on the page. Of course. Free. And even more so without registering.

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