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In about a lucky teen is to develop the capability of thinking. About a lucky man to be able to play online and find answers to questions of the presenter?

Formats, coming out of the 90s of the 20th century, will long haunt the minds of people uchuvstvovavshih in those events. For example, in about a lucky teen wants to so many people that fraudsters offer them this opportunity at every corner, turning under that cover their games. The real game of this subject does not produce nearly as far from the popular format across all people. The times were such shows, TV stations stopped buying old western formats. But people remember the days of rampant naivety and belief in the possibility to win in a vacuum. Then these formats were so many. For example, the famous field of dreams collected at the screens most of the post-Soviet audiences. Just a show with elements of American Wheel of Fortune and fun leading thousands of people called for a weekly viewing. Every epoch has its stereotypes. Then the wild men who came from behind the Iron Curtain, believed in a real opportunity to get into the TV without any problems. Edition of the show filled with letters and gifts. And many got on the show, in fact. This was before, when they started hiring one-time participants who are ready to play the scenario. This gave the show charm. Many people came to the rules of the game are simple, hoping to win something of value, and then resenting the lead in the air. FORMAT lucky last half of the world, came much later. Then, just as fashion was an intellectual game, so the questions and answers were a bridge that connected the world of highbrow intellectuals and ordinary people. No matter what the criticism, but that game was highly in demand. It was only later she rolled up ostentatious charity show. And in its heyday about a lucky audience gathered at the screens, not succumbing to the field of miracles. Keep in mind, at the time were lucky to have more channels with interesting addition. A significant role in the interest of the show played leading. Only a charismatic leader could attract an audience with jokes, stories, and the ability to escalate tension in the studio. Now this format is completely uninteresting to the user, because the network is full of ways to play for everyone. By the way, on a lucky play online without problems. To do this, simply go to the page. And the page in question - this. Yes, it is here you can test your mind in such a traditional form. All our games are free and do not contain any proposal to pay. You do not need to register on the site - just open the game.

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