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In racing games Need for speed can be played online, and it's fun to be no less interesting than the full version of the game. Thou shalt have cool cars and amazing trails.

Development of the market of computer games, although a little story had gone through quite a quick way of development, which can already be easily divided into different age. Thus, many of the players remember the time console games, when on the current level and the question. But then, as now, one of the most popular game genres considered racing simulator genre. From the most primitive simulators that existed in the days when games were whole the size of a refrigerator, to the most modern racing simulators using three-dimensional technology and stereo - this is the path traveled in this area. While for many years skeptics say that the genre has run its course. But it is quite far from the truth. The fact is that if we admit the possibility of the end of the interest to the whole gaming genre, it will picture in which the race disappeared from the market in the mid-nineties. It was then that began to appear on consoles games of this genre began to expand the format. Auto arming weapons - rockets and bombs, mines and machine guns on the slopes has different obstacles and special effects. That is, programmers think that in the genre of conventional racing is nothing new they have not come up and began to create a fundamentally new format. And then the computer will play Need for speed ... I think anyone who has ever sat at a computer, aware of its existence. This simulator of street racing is known around the world, including millions of his fans. If a detailed look at this game, for all levels of tuning and airbrushing we can see the most common race. After all, no matter in which shell we will put this genre, it will remain a. The principles underlying the game - gritty and real racing rules. You choose the car from an initial set of lean - and forward to the track. Yes, you will be offered several options for racing - ring, point-to-point, the prosecution, but the essence remains unchanged. Player, the settings in the automatic transmission, just will not have a chance against a player with a manual. Putting the settings on maximum realism, you get a car that can easily break, which come down specific parts and so on. The latest versions of Need for speed play online offer along with a game against the computer or a network. In the garage, the game you can spend more than one hour, tune your car, it looks to the smallest detail, dealing vinyl and airbrushing. But the nature of these changes will not become another - this game is all the same race, whose death in the game world promise for many years.

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