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Not to be afraid of monsters, is to destroy your own by playing monsters. All the creepy monsters can be defeated courage, skill and resourcefulness.

Fear - one of the strongest human emotions. Under the influence of fear of the human body is capable of many things, including on such matters, which are in good condition, he would have never been able to do. Moreover, the fear is filled with incredible energy. For people sensitive to other people's fear, it's like a drug. A person susceptible to the fear of others, so that revels in unbridled energy that can go crazy and become a maniac. Despite all the fear of gambling, many people consider it a form of adrenaline spoils of the blue. Fear of falling, fear of pain, fear of the underworld - all those things that can make people go to the movies and play games-horror. Attempting to tickle your nerves - that lies behind this. But there is a nuance. In psychological terms, people are divided into empathy and empathic. That is, not everyone can try on the role of the victim in a horror movie. For example, the movie "Saw" and was so popular that the audience were themselves the villain, not the victim. Therefore, they are projecting themselves feeling absorber fear, not the generator. It should be simple person to present their experience in place of the victim maniac - and he would never go for this kind of film screenings. But there is another type of fear, just typical of the category "Saw" is watching. It is the fear of abstract concepts - the vacuum of loneliness, helplessness, fear, fear of ghosts and monsters. In these films, the person is found not to the will of a maniac, and with strange phenomena him, inevitable and irresistible. Man can not put yourself in a vacuum (even in life he is totally zero.) So in this case, we meet with pure fear, aimed not at a strong man, and in the abstract. This fear can make think about the existential questions about the nature of terror and the role of man in the universe. This fear can be called a kind of healing. But the first type - drug fear mixed with ecstasy of power. In particular monsters cause thoughts of the mysterious nature of the essence of human crimes against her, the one-sidedness of our perception of the world is closed and aesthetic system. Some monsters - mutilated or altered people. They appeal to the fear of disease, injury and disability. Other - enlarged insects that cause fear in the normal condition, or combination of parts. Third - prefabricated images of the negative qualities of man - both personal and physical. Therefore, computer games monsters inhabit dense, giving a person the opportunity to overcome their fear in a literal sense.

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