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In the MMORPG online games can play people from all over the world, creating a unique hero. MMORPG online games offer virtual universes with different rules and objectives.

Even 20 years ago, video games were considered the top two-dimensional platformers products. In those days, many of us thought that this is the most interesting thing that can give us a TV. But it turned out very differently. With the release of the first mass of the operating system started the era of rapid development of computer games. There are new directions, gradually appeared genres and games starting entire branches of the game world and so far has modern genre of mmorpg online games. In the new millennium, people started cautiously wait for the potential of the game world itself. But in 2002, was released a revolutionary operating system, which initiated the technology race. At that time, the main questions raised by users of personal computers, sounded like "run it? ". Every six months, the developers of computer "iron" produced new developments that radically changed the face of the computer world. The impression was that software developers and computer games conspired giants hardware sector. The latter created a more sophisticated computers, radical being overtaken by the performance of its predecessor, and the first products were doing, get into life new computers butt. In fact, from 2002 to 2006, the computer market was a process of continuous power capacity computing. In 2002 a computer with 256 megabytes of RAM was among the medium-power machines, then in 2007 it was already about Gigabytes. Production of processors quite naturally rest against the physical limit. Then - the dual-core computers, then four cores. And because the ceiling, not been overcome at the grassroots level and now. 32 rozryadnye system exhausted. Going 64-rozryadnye promises destruction of the market and complete amputation of previous programs. And then there's the Internet. Came to the aid MMORPG online game. Graphics average made up for the hundreds of other players and the ability to play against others. Moreover, most of these products come out with the slogan «mmorpg games online for free." But then began to decline. Mass of clones of the same type of games have almost destroyed this market. User stopped playing because he had too many options. While consumers with enough head to make a profit. And only a couple of years ago, the market moved. Mmorpg online games began experimenting with mixed genres, which should return the interest to the game on the network in general user.

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