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Mr. exceptional fights against evil in the world of online games Incredibles. It is opposed by super villains, and only using gamer he can achieve success.

American desire to be supernatural man sometimes reaches such depths that many authors of comics and movies have to remove and paint parody stories on this topic. In fact, the first thin humorous reinterpretation of the heroic miners in the United States can be considered as Ninja Turtles. But neither the world nor the Americans could not adequately assess the irony is, taking everything at face value. Global audience, far from understanding the nature of comics, animated series took this as an American vision of the adventure genre, and U.S. citizens have been so in love with their superhero that was Turtles as a new round of the comic book industry. In the future, attempts to rethink the topic also largely perceived not as it offers viewers. Relatively recent Hollywood product - keepers - impressed them difficult heroic movie, not trying to understand the essence of comics. Many confuse it really interesting product with philosophical overtones and then gaining strength noir. After all keepers - it's not a gloomy dark genre, it's just quite a serious film, interpret the essence of super heroes abilities, characters that do not exist in reality, but exist in the minds of millions. A misperception is due to the fact that the film is full of heroic pathos inherent in movies about superheroes. Another way of thinking about these images - a comedy. Many films we are heroes in ridiculous, mocking just that pathetic perception that saturated almost all the movies and superhero comics. One of these films can be safely assumed Incredibles. But in addition to the comic element, here there is another method. The fact that, in the usual sense of a superhero is far away from the common people. Even if he is an alien, and the Earth can be sure - a wealthy man who has the opportunity to do more. And Incredibles and so attractive that people with super powers placed in the familiar world of home. Heroes are a whole family of superheroes, so cartoon designed for the widest possible audience. And, of course, it upheld understandable world values ​​- home and family. Get to know these characters more closely, you can right now. Indeed, on this page are available online game The Incredibles, which tell us about the adventures of a rather unusual characters. They can not only play, but also to download a separate file.

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