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Characters mini-games are not inferior in courage, strength and nobility of the heroes of the large toys. So you can play Heroes 5 flash version with interesting characters and missions.

Turn-based strategy genre since its inception tried to rethink a lot of different ways. Developers are trying to find a formula for a new step battle to bring in an established genre is something which distinguishes it from colleagues and predecessors. But so far the most successful project are incremental games of the series Heroes of Might and Magic. The secret of success is simple. In the study of philosophy, many young scientists have come to the disappointing conclusion - all the currents of philosophy somewhat secondary to the Greek. Similarly, it will be with a man, take a detailed typology of computer games. Sooner or later, he rested in the knowledge that all of the games come from the oldest games in the real world. This is likely to understand the developers Kings Bounty - the first game with this kind of gameplay, and the team, to create heroes, has just brought all to mind. After all, is a detailed look at the gameplay - and we will see one of the oldest games - chess! Of course, the tactical part of the game is greatly simplified, unit figures were possible shooting and magic, combat development options are not many, but the battle is not always start with the same set of troops. But the principle is the same. Players take turns, the soldiers are located opposite each other. If we take as an example of the second part, it will come another discovery - a pawn, queen, king, bishop, knight and rook are together in relatively the same proportion as that of the characters and units. Numerous soldiers first level - a pawn, take out only the number of the enemy and are in most cases long. Arrows second level - vulnerable, but to get all in range - elephants. Heavy and fast riders in the third level - horses. Rook - soldiers of the fourth level, strong and annoying enemy soldiers. And a small but deadly warriors top level - the queen. The king - a hero. Useless (in all parts, except the fourth) in the open field, but helps spells (chess players can recall the importance of the king in the endgame) defeat the enemy. Almost exactly the tactical scheme sketched chess worked with enthusiasm. Is the fifth part of the heroes of might and magic with great success pleases players worldwide. While all of the games can be considered successful and innovative. Even fourth characters are not taken for a radical change in the role of a hero, but the fans they have. And those are wrong who think that playing characters 5 give just as the third, they say, is an apology for the fourth error. This part of the original and the original, which gives the player a lot of new tactical tools.

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