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Helicopter game online can manage these devices and perform combat missions. To play the game for free helicopters to destroy enemy equipment, transport goods.

Aircraft over the past century have come a long way. As a dream, in the early 20th century, today they represent an entire transport infrastructure, as well as a separate part of the military equipment. Despite the statements of pacifists, we must recognize that without so many wars in the world, this area was unlikely to be so advanced. After all, the most advanced aircraft is serving the military. Supersonic aircraft, heavy stealth bombers - these are just a small part of the equipment that needs to kill and destroy. Particularly cruel technique can be considered as military helicopters. In Afghanistan, one combat helicopter could destroy the city, and the storm was not only military but also civilians. However, people are civilized and far from the army, the college seems attractive. Who of us would not want to fly at a speed greater than the speed of sound, to sit at the helm of the huge helicopter with an incredible amount of rockets and machine guns? In the game world helicopters are seen as fighting machines, but fair. In most games, the helicopter pilot must not only destroy the enemies and try to rescue the civilians hostage and wounded. After all, unlike the bombers and fighters, helicopters, help not only to kill, but to save lives. Although now a helicopter craze is not so great as 15 years ago, when a series of games about heroic helicopter caused all of us long for the cries of delight, but, nevertheless, games helicopter online popular today. Moreover, not only serious cumbersome simulators, but to all of us and the usual two-dimensional game in which the main character acts helicopter. Plot diversity in this area has no limits. There is also a simple shooter, whose task - to shoot enemy vehicles mass, passing through level after level. There are other forms of the game - in which you need to save the civilians. To play the game for free helicopters fit what we needed. They are exciting and dynamic, and the market is filled with products of very different publishers, though not an office. Therefore, interest in games of this kind has no commercial value. Moreover, if rescue games like more beautiful half of the players, the games for boys helicopters make a dynamic and somewhat bloody. But what attracts people to these games. Try yourself in the role of a helicopter pilot can each - this page of our website. Each game can be downloaded. Free.

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