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Retrieve objects in an old mansion, sell them at auction and develop their garden allows game Brave garden. In the marvelous garden to play online, you can do interesting tasks.

Widely known and favorite games, even among those who are not interested in computer games, are games in the genre of so-called search items. This contributed to a lot of the many video games on social networks, which have been created on the basis of this type of games. Their simplified, adapted to fit a multiplayer game and made a great tool for extortion of money from the players. After searching for objects, which is the essence of the game, you can only deal with a strictly limited time. Which starts again only after the new day. If a person is interested in the game, and he wants to play a long and intense, then he can only buy more time. However, for the name of this parameter is used, for example, the name of energy. But the fact remains - we are talking about is that users of social networks are selling the opportunity to play. And they do it every day. This approach has angered many. And they set out on a journey across the expanses of the global network in search of free games of this type. Many of them got lucky and one of the sites they caught the eye playing marvelous garden. Developers have created it as a classic hidden object. But it is much more interesting, because it contains elements of other games. For example, games of landscape design, where you have to create the interior of the park or garden. Therefore, the wondrous garden more fans than the standard search items. The game's plot is simple. You have become the heir of the old mansion, which houses many expensive antiques. True, he is not in a prominent place - it should be sought in each of the rooms, sometimes using special tips. The money raised from the sale of antiques at auction, go to the arrangement of the family garden and turn it into a real paradise. On the basis of such a concise story authors wondrous garden managed to create a really exciting game. But there is one problem - the game you need to be saved to your computer. And for many important is not to upload files to the memory of non-business nature. It is much easier to play in the global network. Our site is one of the few places in the wonderful garden you can still play online. Now on you will not be a choice between a lot of disk space and the opportunity to spend time at your favorite game. But, of course, there is also the possibility to save the game on your own computer, prefer other players. And he and the other option - absolutely free!

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