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Drift game online - it is entering the car into the turns with a controlled skid. Drift to play games for free, you need to be able to feel the car and out of the skid.

The races were always a popular genre. But in recent years this type of high-speed movement of the road got a special charm because of the film and game industry supply to the market a lot of different versions of the development of the theme of racing. Maximum popularity reached games related to street racing. Previously, it was considered a mysterious American fun, and now it is - a completely understandable and familiar to every schoolboy theme. In the intricacies of street racing understand almost everything, though many of us love to play in the simulator of this extreme type of racing on the computer. In general, street racing is divided into several different racing disciplines. Racing in the simple understanding are of two types - and point to point and ring. The essence of these concepts accurately disclosed in the names. Special type of street racing is dregreysing. For this kind of special train cars, facilitate them and install additional modules. This is one of the most hazardous, since the machine develops a furious rate, and all the means of pilot protection removed to reduce the weight of the vehicle. These races are held on the line long distance of one kilometer. We are talking about a second. So it depends not only on the racing, but also on how well prepared car. The third type of street racing - it's not even racing in the literal sense. Rather, it shows. In which racers compete in the skills of driving on a small patch of asphalt. It is a drift. The essence is very simple - the driver must enter the turns, and "slip" on the pavement, giving screeching brakes, smoke from burning rubber and beautiful effects from the wheels. It is at least fairly safe form of street racing, but also the most difficult. After all, the right drift requires an unprecedented ability to control the car. Therefore, in most countries of the world in this kind of battle can not be found. And here to help fans of this kind of virtual reality comes. The fact is that in all the popular racing simulator is mandatory type is faked driving. In addition, there are also specialized game Drift online that are devoted exclusively to this species. They can be run directly on the site, so are more popular than the bulky game you want to install. Enough to torment a search engine query to "play games for free drift"! All you need is the game on our site. Just open the page you like you start the game and enjoy the game.

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