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Games dolls enliven favorite friends - Barbie, Bratz dolls. Need to care about them, dressing in nice clothes, furnished their homes, cook for them, and protecting from dangers.

Games for children have unique characteristic. To create a successful children's play is always necessary popular and famous hero. Children are not as developed abstract thinking, to identify with the person they have never seen in cartoons or movies. Therefore, for such games developers rarely invent new images with style, character and personality. Young audience they can hardly appreciate, preferring those they already know. These are the features of child psychology. To be reckoned with those who want to create games that concern this audience. Along with the cartoon characters, popular characters in children's games are the dolls. Of course, this applies in the first place games for girls. The gaming industry has taken care that the range of these toys were very diverse. Modern dolls sometimes represent a work of art in its field. They carefully sculpted facial features and real hair that special means can be painted in different colors and put to elaborate hairstyles. The same for a long time there is no single standard of what should be of the dolls. This is not necessarily exaggerated female figure, as it was before. Today there are dolls teenage doll with a stocky build, and many more options to copy the diversity of the human physique in real life. Creating a new model dolls, modern gaming industry is coming to this very seriously. Each of them has a name, character, life, style of dress. And a host of related products that emphasizes these features. For example, one doll making huge wardrobe, to the other - the car-cabriolet, and the third - an electric guitar. That is why modern dolls as will fit into the format of computer games for girls. And, above all play dolls make a kind way to save parental finances. All the accessories that come with your favorite doll, you can not always buy. And in games, they are available in even more than in real life. That's why girls with the same interest as the play with these dolls and their virtual counterparts. And they do it in games such as the ones found in this section of our website. We tried to choose the best and most popular models. And give them to you for free - how to save on your computer, and for games on the network.

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