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Online games about dinosaurs can fight with the ancient reptiles, protect them civilians. You can also control the dinosaurs, to perform different missions.

2012 full of rumors about the end of the world. Pseudo prophets from all sides trumpeting the fact that this year will be the end of human civilization. Many people believe that it's true. Indeed, the boorish attitude of humanity to the natural resources, the environment and attempt to look at frankly dangerous edge of the universe leads to the idea that the planets and the cosmos itself will rise up against us to wipe off his face as unworthy of life parasites. Many people say that we are not the first civilization on this planet who died under the influence of heavily changed circumstances. As an example, lead Mayan, Aztec and Sumerians. That's just the only examples of this loss of civilized beings. In the world of scientists believe that dinosaurs were a primitive form of animals, but the true is this statement? After all, the essence of the forms of intelligence in our world can only be determined in our conditions. But it is necessary to change the starting point - and apologize. And if we assume that the brain size and area of ​​the cerebral cortex does not affect intelligence, the brain in high gravity very different functions, you get a completely different system. Who said that a previous civilization, for example, the civilization of dinosaurs, was the construction of buildings and equipment in our image? Can the mountains and plains - it's a completely different ruins of civilization, is not tied to our system of coordinates. This is all speculation, and while that in our minds perceive as huge dinosaur frightening creatures that bloodthirsty destroy each other, eating intact broods modern size animals for breakfast. On the other hand any chilling effect has a child, cute and a good option. Why dinosaurs and take in two ways. On the one hand it is scary animals, and the other - cute toys that are popular with children. Computer World also does not forget about these creatures. Games Jurassic Park, Godzilla and other dinosaurs and like them being there is the majority of players in the games store. But that's normal, is not episodic, roles for dinosaurs in the world of serious games was not. Online games about dinosaurs are absent as a genre, even though each of us at least once in your favorite multiplayer game was ordered to shoot a couple of hundreds of dinosaurs as they were not named. But in the world of flash games such dinosaur adventures happy with it. While the player can also act as a dinosaur, and as a champion of the dinosaurs, it can even manage a good fairy in a simple dinosaur wonderland.

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