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In diamond Atlantis teen is all fans of computer puzzle games. Dive to the bottom of the ocean and the virtual power of the mind going there sunken treasure.

Times change, and classic games are still popular and in demand. But sometimes it seems that game developers are very much in doubt. Therefore, they often create new games based on the tasks that were set up before the game in their classic predecessors. Or infinitely improve the old game with bright drawings, plot inserts and other insignificant things for a smart person. For example, in the game diamond Atlantis anyone familiar with the old patterns of games will recognize overloaded graphics and slightly modified three in a row. Judge for yourself. First, the background was painted. The search of a magic stone, which went down with the legendary sunken continent. And those who are lucky enough to find this diamond, will be endowed with mystical powers. Search stone - is doing very familiar task. For example, to build a line of three identical gems. And it can be done, not hours in the allotted time for each level. Is the game and a bonus - if you can build quite a long line of stones of the same type, is added to your arsenal of bombs, guns, or stick of dynamite. But the main feature of the game for which she fell in love with a wide enough audience, is that diamond Atlantis playing online allows for a hundred levels. This makes it a versatile tool to pass the time at work. If we add to this the six game modes, the advantages of this multi-stage puzzle even more increased. It is a set of good quality have a diamond gaming Atlantis does not get lost among the endless variations on the theme of three in a row. Although this game from them essentially differs only bright design and durability. But it is sometimes enough to a lot of people who are interested in simple logic games, made it to the list of favorite games. Therefore, on our website, we suggest you to play in a diamond Atlantis in two versions. You can save the game to your computer and come back to it when you want to play. Or you can visit this page of our website and play it online, while keeping the results and no problems moving up the game levels. And if you're wondering which option will cost you less, then hurry to make you happy. And install the game on your own computer, and run it on the internet will not cost you a penny. Only at us - all the games for free!

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