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Contra play online, then feel like a soldier in the wild jungle. To play in a counter to shoot at enemies and destroy their military bases.

Each era has its heroes - as discussed earlier. Now it is safe to say that every generation has its own game. Previously, children played in the console, driving across the screen very sketchy characters, then the younger generation went to the first games on the computers, and today's young people have a chance to play in the three-dimensional game of the new generation. Vibrating seat cushion, joysticks with dedication, game screens, consisting of multiple displays, the guitar to play a single game - all this is the spirit of the age. But the themes in the game world is gradually drawing to a limiting value. As is clear in the literature the number of plots and games are subject to the thematic framework. So many players belonging to different generations, there can be misunderstandings and hostility based on a single accent. As a recent example can take the word counter. For the Soviet people the word has become synonymous with the enemy, and their children - is the title game. Double with the accent on the letter "o" represents one of the first popular shooter on the console Dandy. The game consisted of a series of levels that the player could pass either alone or in company with another player. Even now, when the game is mostly prevalent in the collections of old games online, play contra online allows no more than two players at once. Name of the game comes from the ranger's military, and the characters include a considerable number of allusions to the heroes. It took many years until it lost the last game of the fans and became a historical product. Specificity consists in the fact that it has also become known as Contra. But this time, with the accent on the last syllable. She also performed in a shooter, but in three dimensions, and with a first-person. Over the years the game has won many fans, which became a model for e-sports. The first dealt with the Contra landing riot to destroy the alien lair on a remote island, while the second version was about a fight terrorism with counter terrorism. Despite the similarity of the principles of gaming, games do in the game world very different functions. The first - to play at home alone or with a friend. Second - for online play against other players. Play Contra - for each property class. The emphasis is different, but the fact is one - two games have become legends.

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