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Memory Games for girls offer to memorize the location of pictures of flowers, dolls, cartoon princesses. Games on the development of memory will be useful even for adults.

Human development with age - it would seem, learned the process, but it is actually not the case. Why? Because society lays the research on this topic purely social purposes, not paying attention to what should be a man, as an individual unit. This principle grow mass tragedies. For example, the child has an advanced memory and logic, and he is forced to spend hours on the study of the obvious things for him. Similarly, there can be problems, and the child, the nature of which is not given to highly developed memory. In this case, schools and other educational institutions do not pay enough attention to the development of both the weak students, and strong. Attention is focused on education to develop to the level of human gray mediocrity. And those who need extra help in education, as well as those who need accelerated programs do without the attention of the educational officials. To the aid of the two categories of developers come gaming industry. For example, the memory game for girls to help young princesses train your memory, receiving bonuses for school and life. The point of these games is very simple - you just need to remember the position of pairs of figures on the board. And then, when all the chips will be turned, you just need to disassemble them in pairs. Points are awarded for how accurately parse all the chips. Ideal game is one in which a player has not made any mistakes. It is also often encountered variant of the game where the player must open the chips, not knowing their initial position. In that case, a far greater role to play good luck, because glasses will depend not only on memory, but also on how well the player will find a pair. In general, here's all the games on the development of memory, the only difference is that the player sees or chips in the beginning of the game, or selects a combination of their own. Girls' versions of these games are not only pink color design. In general, the difficulty of the game depends not only on the width of the field and the number of hidden pairs. This is all secondary. In fact, the main factor is the complexity of the image on the chip. If it is simple and convertible into words, it is the minimum level of complexity. The player can memorize the formula method - the top corner - cat, second row third column - the dog. The most complex is free online games on memory - those which show signs of Mahjong. Agree, not easy to memorize what is formular method like "strange contraption with a circle at the top of the bottom three strokes."

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