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Angry Birds online game based on the confrontation of the birds and the pigs. In order to play Angry Birds online, you need to charge the bird in the slingshot and shoot at pigs designs.

The laws of the game world is very blurred. It is therefore very difficult to determine the components of the success of a popular project. Sometimes to the extent that the reasons for the audience to love their offspring can not name even developers. And, as the creators of the cult game Angry Birds, said that sought to create a simple and interesting game. To this aim, many. Why, then, Angry Birds Online beats all records of popularity, leaving behind even the mobile version, in which the game first appeared on the market? That question can not be answered themselves fans angry birds. But the fact remains - among the many ingenious games with physical models, this clearly in the lead. So much so that its name has become a byword for the games of this category. Will see a similar game, users can immediately say, "Oh, it's almost like Angry Birds! ". And, of course, prefer to look after all the original game than content with her peers. Which, by the way, the wave of popularity of evil a huge number of birds. But to create something even remotely approaching the success of Angry Birds, did not anyone. More recently, Angry Birds online play was virtually impossible. Indeed, as has been said, this product is out exclusively within the gaming applications to mobile phones. Usually, the games in this format little attention. And manufacturers of communication they prefer to install classic taymkillerov - lines, balls, tetris, pool, solitaire, various modifications of the good old game Snakes and Zuma. A new game development usually go unnoticed and cause the user interest. Angry Birds game in this sense has become an absolute exception. Fans of the game is almost required to play in it, not only in the phone, but on your own computer. As well as the release of new series of evil birds. Developers have only to listen to the demands of the public, which in this case were heard quite clearly - more evil birds, good and different. We will not describe to you the principles and rules of this famous game. After the re-telling of her game tasks seem primitive and boring. We just suggest you play it right on our site. Here are all the existing versions on the Angry Birds, which implies the ability to play online - from the earliest to the latest. You can find them right now, and no registration is free.

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