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Online Games:

Online game: Gnev Bogov
Alternative names: Gnev Bogov

Gnev Bogov online - this is a new browser-based game, with bright, animated graphics, made in a unique fantasy style. Before you make a trip, online game Gnev Bogov conducted in the past in its history, in the very beginning ... So, sometime, somewhere in the galaxy, was created three different worlds: World of Stone Sun World World of Iron Each of these worlds was a God, all of whom wanted to make the world a favorite for mankind. Stone TEOS world rules - God of war and destruction. In this world dominated by endless wars and battles. TEOS believed that only a strong and courageous people deserve to live in his world. Sun rules the world Nahyan - the Goddess of Harmony and Nature. In this world dominated by good spirits, amazing animals that lived in harmony with the beautiful wildlife. Nahyan believed that to live in her world, worthy only of the people who will be able to connect their lives in harmony with nature. Iron rules Krigon world - God of Science and Knowledge. In this world of endless desert prevailed, which was located in the center of a great big metropolis, full of skyscrapers and gardens, where all of the work being performed by computers and robots, and people engaged in science and research. Krigon believed that only those people for whom the most important technology in their lives, deserve to live in his world. All three had hoped to God that all human souls will choose to rebirth it is his world, and thus should be only one of the Worlds, and the other two would disappear. Time passed, and the divine rivalry account has not changed, and the people themselves have ceased to comply with the laws of the Worlds. Angry at the people behind such behavior, the gods descended to their worlds, in the flesh of Avatars, for that would punish sinners. Their anger was so great and terrible that it could destroy all human souls. But in this conflict between the Gods and humans intervened Lord shower - Corus. He created a new world that has been called - Limit. This world is outside of other worlds and was not available to the Gods. Corus periodically pick up the soul of the worlds most powerful Stone, Sun, and Iron, and left them in the limit, in the hope that they will prevent Modern wrath of the Gods. Here, indeed, we have come to the very top online games wrath of the gods, and after checking in the game Wrath of the Gods, in front of us will open the World Limit. It has everything necessary for the existence of: bank, store, arena, the source of life and other important details of the infrastructure. I want to draw your attention to the "Arena" and "Spring of Life". If the arena you have to fight in exchange for experience and combat stress injuries, the spring of life, this is the place where you can heal the wounds that have been received in battle. After registration Wrath of the Gods, a selection of floor and a huge variety of hair, eyebrows, skin color and hair. For male characters can pick a mustache and beard. Options to create a unique character in this game enough. It all depends on your imagination. In the end, your character will be endowed with its own characteristics and skills. Wrath of the Gods online game differs from similar browser games in that it has a linear plot, and that is why the choice of the player is fully depends on the outcome of the job. Here you can choose for your character equipment from multiple armor and weapons! Play Wrath of the Gods is interesting, when faced with a variety of quests. Reward for performing tasks that can be not only money and experience, but also unique items of clothing. Quests here are really interesting, in some cases, you have several options that will ultimately affect the final result, and your reward. Wrath of the Gods game will provide the meeting with nimble ninja, skeletons, witches, warriors from the future, demons, giants and even the supreme gods. When you play the game online Wrath of the Gods, you do not need to control the course of fighting, they run automatically without your control, you can only watch as your character fights with the enemy. Game Gnev Bogov, as noted above, is divided into three worlds, the transitions between them are done by the portals. Initially, you will only be available world of rocks, reaching a certain level, you'll get a world of sun, and after going a few levels - World Iron. Moving between worlds, you will be able to use each of the portals five times, then the energy portal quenched. Renewable energy portal through time-out or after a cash infusion by your character. Portal available to you will be beautiful sparkle, and the on-runes are off. And as long as you were not passed quests in the world which is one of the portals, such illumination will you this signal. To play the game online Wrath of the Gods can not just individual characters, but the whole clan. The game Wrath of the Gods, you can communicate between the players with the chat and forum, where you can find a lot of useful information on the game, as well as tips already experienced players. Wrath of the Gods online game captivates its colorful and diverse. Is carefully designed graphics and animation. Interesting storyline and unexpected turns of events. Join in the game Wrath of the Gods opens you to assert his authority and power, spreading to new worlds!

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